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Inbound Marketing

The Altnaharra website was developed and managed by inbound marketing, a digital marketing agency based near London.

Inbound marketing is a term that encompasses all marketing efforts that develop your brand as an asset that organically attracts your target audience, as opposed to outbound marketing which is concerned with interrupting your audience as they go about their routines. Examples of inbound marketing include search engine optimisation, social media marketing and content marketing.
The advantages of this approach are as follows:
  • Higher conversion rates – the more credible and trusted your brand, the higher your conversion rates will be. This also means that if you do invest in outbound advertising methods you will then also achieve a higher return for every pound spent.
  • Higher levels of referral traffic from social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.
  • Better SEO – all Google wants to do is provide the best content from the most trustworthy sources, so by building your brand and developing it into a trusted domain, your website will rank far higher for all relevant terms.
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