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Pheasant Shooting

Pheasant shooting as a sport has been prevalent in the UK since the Tudor times. It is understood that it was one of King Henry VIII favourite past times and therefore was also popular amongst the gentry of the day. Before this time Pheasant were primarily shot for food.


There are a number of options available to you on a pheasant shoot and they are as follows:

Driven – You start at a designated marker where a team of experienced beaters will drive the pheasant out towards your hunting party. You then move on to a new marker somewhere else on the estate. Dogs are used to pick the birds up after each marker has been completed.

Walked- Walked up days are much more informal and traditional. You are usually accompanied by a guide who will help you decide on the best terrain for your shoot and accompany you as you amble through woodlands and rough fields looking for the pheasant.

Pheasant shooting can be teamed with partridge and other mixed game shooting for a more varied and enjoyable day.

After an exhilarating day spent shooting what could be nicer than returning to the Hotel for some a la carte dining and a glass of wine or even something stronger! You can then unwind and spend a relaxing evening in front of one of our crackling log fires in the lounge before retiring to your luxury room.

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